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What sets Gilbert & Associates apart as a real estate company?

c-21Gilbert & Associates, in association with Century 21, LLC, offers a complete family of real estate services for our clients. Our experience in the marketplace includes residential, commercial, land, farms, subdivisions and related services.

Century 21 offers a proven system of success because they understand the complexities of today’s marketplace. With an emphasis on technology, no one in the industry offers a better program to help you sell your real estate assets. We service several counties including but not limited to: Boone, Brown, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Marion, Monroe, Morgan, Owen, Putnam, and Shelby counties.

We understand our customer’s needs better than anyone else in the marketplace because our customer is a unique individual with the same needs again and again.

We serve people downsizing and estate executors. There is not another real estate company in the marketplace as highly focused, specialized, trained, experienced and equipped to serve this customer. Our customers don’t want their home on the market for months and they don’t want to sell it for less than it is worth. At Gilbert & Associates we understand this fine balance. We go to great lengths to get it right at the outset, with the goal of achieving a firm sale in less than 90 days.

We believe a successful real estate transaction is about education not salesmanship. If our customers are completely up to date and educated towards all aspects of the real estate transaction in advance of the offer(s), we can help them prepare their property for sale accordingly and assist them to make the best decisions when an offer is presented. This takes a lot of advanced effort and planning on our part, but it ensures the smoothest real estate transaction for our clients.

In today’s society many things seem to get done backwards, including most transactions in the real estate industry. Rather than waiting to get an offer on your property and then searching for answers to a buyer’s questions, we anticipate every conceivable question about your property a buyer may want to know upfront and take the necessary steps to provide answers. We anticipate and provide answers before your home even goes on the market, making your home ready for firm, unconditional offers as soon as it is listed.

We have proven thousands of times that this approach will generate the highest price for your property with the shortest waiting period. It leaves no chance for surprise price renegotiations after an offer has been accepted, nor does it allow a buyer to back out of a real estate transaction at the last minute.

We don’t consider ourselves to be a real estate company, but rather a partner in a major life transition. At Gilbert & Associates, our relationship doesn’t revolve around the house, but rather our customer’s circumstance. The decisions that we assist you to make are a balance between maximizing the value of your home, as well as a smooth move and resettlement into your new home. We make recommendations based on our experience that will ensure the smoothest transition into your new life.

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